Wollondilly Leisure Centre and the NDIS

Our NDIS Site / Provider number: 4050023161

Wollondilly Leisure Centre is now able to deliver programs under the NDIS. Our aquatic based programs have been designed to teach swimming and water safety to participants and give them the skill foundations that will allow them to better participate in social and recreational activities now and in the future. Being confident in and around the water is often an important part of Australian culture for all children (not just those with a disability).

Our Health and Fitness training programs assist participants improve their health and well being due to the impact of their disability.

How it Works

WCLC is approved to provide services under 3 categories (see below)
The participant must be approved for one of the matching category as part of their management plan

IMPORTANT: A number of NDIS customers who are completing the form below do not have matching categories. We can’t provide services if your approved categories don’t match – please check before filling out the form.

If you are “Plan Managed” we will require payment before commencing the program, invoices can take several weeks for payment to be made by your management provider. Please allow for this.

  1. Complete the “pre-service agreement” form below to speed up the application
  2. Our staff will check via the NDIS Portal that your service categories match
  3. Our staff will then be in contact to confirm days and times etc
  4. We will provide a completed ‘service agreement’
  5. Customer agrees and completes agreement
  6. WCLC Books the Service and Requests Payment online matching the customers NDIS number. If the participant is self managed, WCLC will provide and invoice to be paid up-front.
  7. OK to start the service

Swim & Aquatic Lessons

Increased Social and Community Participation (Support Category 3.09)

This category is participation in skills based learning to develop independence in accessing community.

Innovative Community Participation

This support item is designed to allow mainstream and incumbent providers to offer new and innovative services to NDIS participants. Any standard applicable to the industry in which the provider operates would need to be met.

Name & Details Reference Number
Skills development in a group – $280 per 10 week term 09_007_0117_6_3
Individual Skills development and training – $560 per 10 week term 09_009_0117_6_3


Fitness Programs

Improved Health & Well-being (Support Category 3.12)

Physical Well-being Activities

All activities to support and maintain well-being such as personal training, exercise physiology to support, maintain or increase physical mobility. Physical wellbeing activities promote and encourage improved physical capacity and health.

These supports can be funded by NDIS where the physical and wellbeing difficulties are directly attributable to their disability and to assist them to participate in community activities.

Name & Details Reference Number
Personal training – $540 per 10 week program 12_029_0126_3_3

‘Pre’ Service Agreement