Indoor Sports

Casual Users – phone first to check court bookings & setup – 46771251

Stadium Bookings 2018

Below are the current permanent bookings for the indoor sports stadium.
These bookings apply to during the school terms only & the hall is generally available during the school holidays.

The courts are available during the “white cells” times below

Coloured = Not Available

Court Hire Sports & Activities

Basketball – Two Courts with junior or senior ring heights
Netball Two Courts with junior or senior ring heights
Volleyball Up to 3 Courts
Mini Soccer Two Courts (no goals)
Badminton Up to four courts
Note: You need to supply your own Balls, Bats, Rackets etc. We require 48hrs notice to alter the court setup (eg: from netball to volleyball). We don’t alter the court setup for casual users, so phone first to check.

Club Presentations & Gala Days

A fantastic alternative for sports club presentation days, our Indoor Stadium can host hundreds of club members all indoors. Bring your own BBQ for club fundraiser’s & combine the event with a swim for a fantastic day.
FREE Swim for club members
Power, Amenities, Kiosk Available
PA, Tables, Grandstand, Chairs (limited)