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Lower Back Pain? – Meet the Hip Flexors

In most pain related cases throughout the body the part of the body where the pain is does can actually stem from another part of the body and generally is a symptom of some sort of imbalance whether it be skeletal or muscular. Meet the Hip Flexors The hip flexors are a group of five muscles that connect the femur (or thigh bone) to the pelvis. They move in one of two ways. When the pelvis is stationary, a contraction of the hip ... Read more

Class of the Month November – Picton Running Tracks

For this month's Class of the month in November we have mapped a series of runs ranging from novice all the way through to expert for our Health Club Members to choose from. Each week Tuesday nights and Thursday mornings, there will be 3 runs Novice, Intermediate and Expert to choose from. Check in with our trainers or refer to our online to find out more on getting tips from starting out to knocking off those last few seconds off your run. Read more

The 4 Best Strength Training Exercises for Runners

Want to become a stronger, faster, injury-proof runner? Add these four exercises to your training routine! To become the best, most efficient runner you can be, just running isn’t going to be enough. Strength training is one of the single most important non-running aspects of training that can help you become a better runner. Add these four running specific strength training exercises to your running routine and you’ll become a stronger, faster, more complete runner for it. Stand with your feet hip distance ... Read more

Distance Runnning: Eating right for the right results

The umbrella title of distance running covers events including the 10km, 15km, half-marathon (21.1km) and full marathon (42.2km) distances. These events attract recreational and elite-level competitors running side-by-side, making it an extremely inclusive activity. While it is not yet possible to pick and choose our genes, those better-suited to long distance running tend to be of light build, with low body fat and a high maximal aerobic capacity (which means they can run stronger for longer). Running long distance requires plenty ... Read more

Winter Motivation…Look at the Positives

Find it hard to keep up the workouts in the colder months? Wollondilly Leisure Center has the secrets to staying on track. Stay motivated to exercise over Autumn/Winter It's getting colder and we are losing the light, which doesn't help the motivation levels for training over winter, right? But if you're tempted to hit the snooze button in the morning, remember this – staying motivated this winter requires a change to only one thing: your mindset. Sure, the conditions encourage eating more ... Read more

This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Exercise

One of the key health benefits of exercise is that it helps normalize your glucose, insulin, and leptin levels by optimizing insulin/leptin receptor sensitivity. This is perhaps the most important factor for optimizing your overall health and preventing chronic disease. But exercise affects your body in countless other ways as well—both directly and indirectly. Here, however, even the most unexpected side effects are almost universally beneficial. For example, as illustrated in the featured article, side effects of exercise include but are not ... Read more

How Your Mind Messes with Your Workout

There’s no benefit of the doubt: People who merely consider giving up on a goal can see declines in performance, according to research from the University of Zurich. In a study of amateur male marathoners, the more a runner questioned his abilities, the worse he performed—sometimes 15 minutes slower. As time passed, doubtful runners were less likely to want to finish or even believe they could. The research points to two explanations: For one, stronger hesitations were linked ... Read more

Cure This Common Running Pain

[image source_type="attachment_id" source_value="4102" align="center" width="640" height="320"] Along with blackened toenails, many runners tend to suffer from iliotibial (IT) band syndrome—an overuse injury that often causes pain on the outside of the knee. It’s usually blamed on a tight IT band, which leads people to stretch and foam roll the wide strip of tendon on the outside of their thigh in hopes of loosening it. But that may do little good. Strengthening, not stretching, could be the best way to deal with ... Read more

Class of the Month forecast: Jan-Mar

Our Class of the month forecast for 2013 is as follows: January - Kickstarter 2013 Getting started can be a challenge in itself. Start working off that Xmas ham by letting us take you through some easy to finish circuits to get you back on track. The rest of the year will be a lot easier with a great start and will give you a fresh outlook to the year ahead! Exercises will include bodyweight movements and light weight bearing exercises. Suitable for? Anyone of any age*, gender ... Read more

Build explosiveness into your workouts!

Pool plyometrics is a great way to add variety to your training. Better still it yields results whilst minimizing the impact on your muscles and joints. As jumping athletes know, looking after your knees is of paramount importance. So, if you are having some nice weather and want a cooler, less stressful way to train, give a pool plyometric session a go. They are fun, safer than regular plyometrics, and may even add an inch or two to your vertical that you ... Read more
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