Welcome to Wollondilly Leisure Centre


As you may be aware, Leisure Management Services (LMS), the managers of the Wollondilly Leisure Centre, have assigned the management to BlueFit, an experienced leisure facility operator. BlueFit assumed the management of your facility as of Monday 15th April 2019.

We are very much looking forward to getting to know the community and improving the service offering. Programs and services that you have come to expect at your facility will remain.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my membership price remain the same?
Yes it will. Your membership price will be unchanged following the transition. The prices for the facility are set by the operator and Wollondilly Council and are reviewed each year as part of the overall Council fees and charges schedule. Price rises traditionally occur around July 1 of each year, so there will be no immediate plans to review pricing. BlueFit will engage in the standard council process soon.

Will my direct debit arrangements be the same? Will I need to give my bank details again?
Your direct debit details will remain exactly the same. Debit authority is with the facility and will transfer. You do not need to provide your banking details again.

Will the group fitness timetable be changing? Will we lose classes?
The group fitness timetable will remain exactly the same following the transition. As with any facility that BlueFit manage, we will engage in a robust review process in consultation with staff and members throughout the year and determine what classes are working, which ones are not and what new classes should be added. We will always communicate openly with our members if changes are to be made to the timetable in future.

Will the staff be the same?
Yes you will see the same smiling, happy faces, just in a new uniform.

Will the operating hours of the facility change?
The operating hours will remain the same. Whilst we have no timelines on this project, BlueFit will continue to review the potential introduction of 24/7 access to the gym.

Will BlueFit be adding anything new to the centre or making any improvements?
Immediate improvements will be made with BlueFit onsite fixing any outstanding maintenance items. Over time more programs will be added, however we’re interested to get you feedback on this first

What does all of this really mean and how does it affect me?
It shouldn’t affect you much at all, other than BlueFit providing the existing team additional support and resources to improve your services.

Will Swim School be changing?
The swim school program will be changing to the BlueFit Swimming program and will remain a term based program this winter. Your swim teacher remains the same, however the level names will change.

For urgent questions on this transition please feel free to make contact through the www.bluefit.com.au website, otherwise we will see onsite soon.

Todd McHardy
CEO, BlueFit Pty Ltd